Justice should be wrought through legal advocacy and policy, creating an environment where evil is not tolerated and the oppressed are not overlooked.


Anti-trafficking policy not only helps provide justice to victims, but it can be viewed as preventative. It acts as a deterrent to criminals, creates awareness, and it requires government entities to be active in fighting trafficking. In addition, it also acts on the other side, bringing justice to survivors, helping them receive care, and acting out consequences for perpetrators.

We support our partner organizations who work with policy, and help funnel NOVA HTI volunteers to their projects. These organizations include, but are not limited to, Richmond Justice Initiative, Polaris, and the International Justice Mission.

Learn more about human trafficking policy and how you can help by joining our Policy & Legal Advocacy Team.

Volunteer Qualifications:

The Policy & Legal Advocacy Team is specifically seeking seasoned attorneys, lobbyists, and/or individuals who have demonstrated policy experience in the area of human trafficking. If you do not possess these qualifications, we encourage you to consider joining one of our other volunteer teams.


We recognize politics are a touchy area, and are thankful that eradicating human trafficking is usually a bi-partisan issue. NOVA HTI's goal isn't to focus on how perfect a bill is, but as always, it is to act as a connector to those who are working on legislation. We help those interested in policy discover anti-trafficking laws which need support. It is up to individuals themselves to decide if they want to endorse various types of legislation.


Current Policy

What Virginia criminal statutes are already in place?

  • 18.2-47 Abduction and kidnapping defined; punishment

  • 18.2-59 Extortion of money, property or pecuniary benefit

  • 9.1-902(E)(4) Offenses requiring registration

  • 18.2-48 Abduction with intent to extort money or for immoral purpose

  • 18.2-356 Receiving money for procuring person

  • 18.2-513 Definition of Racketeering Activity

  • 9.1-102 Training for Law Enforcement

  • 40.1-11.3 Posting of NHTRC Hotline

  • 258-1 Develop plan for Victim Services

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