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Program starts at 6:00 PM on Friday and then resumes at 9:30 AM on Saturday.

**If possible, please bring a laptop or tablet Friday evening to use in our phone outreach.

**The Summit is limited to those 18 years and older.



The NOVA-HTI Justice Summit is designed to bring awareness on the issue of human trafficking taking place in Northern Virginia. Our desire is that the local Church and community will mobilize together and partner with NOVA-HTI to eradicate trafficking. This year, our focus will be to equip others to do acts of justice through outreach to sex trafficking victims in brothels and the sex buyers that frequent the establishments. We'll also provide opportunities to be involved with our victim services team which offers hope and restoration to our clients through mentoring, client advocacy, crisis response, and our Drop-In Center.

Please join us and be Equipped for Action - To Bring Light into the Darkness of Human Trafficking!



Cat French

Cat French helps equip people to “do acts of justice” by teaching and demonstrating what is possible in the war to end sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. 

She has a master’s degree in sociology and a background in behavioral research, including adolescent mental health and out of treatment drug users. For the past decade she has been working to provide awareness and intervention in the realm of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation, and aftercare for women who wish to exit. 

Cat’s experience demonstrates her ability to mobilize people to confront both social oppression and their own fear. She capitalizes on every opportunity to rally people to the cause of freedom. Her successful start-up ministry has played a central role in awareness, intervention and aftercare in Houston, where there are more brothels than Starbucks.

Descriptions of Workshops and Material

Outreach to Sex trafficked Victims

At NOVA-HTI we believe we are called not only to pray, but to also go. Through various outreaches we seek to go into some of the darkest places in Northern Virginia. Learn about how NOVA-HTI fights sex trafficking by training people to reach men and women trapped in sexual exploitation.

Outreach to Sex Buyers

Many of us are faced with the very real dilemma of how to counsel people who are caught up in the throes of sexual addition. The good news is that there are resources to help. NOVA-HTI is working with Pure Desire Ministries who provide a full range of materials to help men (and women) who have sexual additions. Learn about our plans to reach out to sex buyers at illicit massage businesses, to provide resources, which utilize biblically-based spiritual concepts combined with clinically-based treatment protocols, so that they do not have to fight this battle alone.

Victim Services

One of NOVA HTI's driving passions is to provide trafficking victims with the help they need not only to survive, but thrive. Learn about our Victim Services program including Case Management; Crisis Response; Client Advocacy, Mentoring and ways you can become involved to help us provide hope and restoration to our clients.

Van Tours

The evil of sex trafficking is allowed to flourish in the darkness. By shining the bright light of awareness, we not only expose this darkness, but compel the informed to respond.

NOVA-HTI is committed to fighting sex trafficking in Northern Virginia. Our Van Tour is a Sex Trafficking 101 class on wheels, complete with visuals, relevant statistics, testimonies from NOVA-HTI’s leadership team, and the urgent need for prayer. The tour route has been chosen based on research and outreach efforts by our Outreach Team into known areas of sexual exploitation in Northern Virginia.

Participants in van tours will not exit the van during the tour. We will provide opportunities to become more deeply involved in the fight against sex trafficking. 

NOVA-HTI is a Christian organization, and Van Tours have an unapologetically Christian worldview. We begin and end each tour with prayer

Phone Outreach

Groups of volunteers will deliver phone calls and messages of hope to online victims of sex trafficking through secure calls and text messages. These teams pray for and connect with exploited women, offering compassion and an essential human connection to a population in bondage. Phone Outreach can be done by both men and women with ordinary laptops and cell phones. (Training is provided.)

Other Speaker Bios

Kay Duffield, Executive Director, NOVA-HTI
Workshop: Victim Services


Kay Duffield is the Executive Director of NOVA-HTI, which works to eradicate human trafficking and restore those impacted. Through her leadership, NOVA-HTI has served 135 victims of human trafficking since 2015, opened a Drop-In Center for victims in 2017, and provided human trafficking awareness training to over 27,000 people in the last 13 months. 

Ms. Duffield began her anti-trafficking work in 2011 on the streets, and in the brothels in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with victims of trafficking. On returning to the U.S., she learned that human trafficking was a growing problem in NoVA, and was asked to start a Victim Services Program for NOVA-HTI. She became the Executive Director in 2014. Ms. Duffield is a Registered Nurse, and modern-day abolitionist, who enjoys mobilizing the greater community to fight the plague of human trafficking.

Ms. Duffield also serves as the leader for the regional task force – Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force (NVHTTF). The NVHTTF is a collaboration of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, government agencies and nongovernmental organizations dedicated to investigating and prosecuting those engaged in sex trafficking, forced labor, and closely related crimes; identifying, rescuing, and providing services to victims of human trafficking, and conducting training, community outreach, and public awareness efforts.

Chelsey Trevino, Director of Finance, Director of Intercessory Prayer, Board of Directors, NOVA-HTI
Emcee for Justice Summit


Chelsey Trevino moved to Northern Virginia in July of 2014 from Houston TX, where she first learned of human trafficking. In the fall of 2012 a local anti-trafficking NGO opened her eyes not only to the injustice that was happening in the world, but in her own backyard. On a tour of the city of Houston, she came face to face with brothels and strip clubs that were not in dark back alley, but in high traffic areas of the city. The anti-trafficking NGO, Elijah Rising, intimately understood the complicated dynamic of trafficking, the evil involved and the upfront place the church has. From that moment on, Chelsey began working with Elijah Rising in awareness, intervention and intercessory prayer for those oppressed. When her husband was transferred to D.C. she knew her calling to fight for the oppressed was not over. After researching anti-trafficking NGOs in the area, she was drawn to NOVA Human Trafficking Initiative, as the organization is based on prayer and equipping the church to be part of the fight. Now with NOVA HTI, she serves as a Director of Intercessory Prayer, Director of Finances, is on the Intervention Team, and is on the Board of Directors.

Rev. Brent Breining
Men’s Ministry Pastor
The Lighthouse Fellowship, Alexandria, Virginia
Workshop: Outreach to Buyers

brent Breining.jpg

Brent has led men’s groups, including sexual addiction recovery, in the Washington, DC, area for five years. He retired as a Captain from the US Navy in October 2017 after a distinguished 27 year career. During his time in service he had the privilege of being assigned to a variety of influential assignments, including commanding officer of a tactical carrier aviation squadron, a Congressional Fellow for a US Senator, a Department of Defense liaison officer at the National Counterterrorism Center, and Director of the Navy and Coast Guard wounded warrior program.

Chelsea Levy, Case Manager, NOVA-HTI
Workshop: Victim Services


Chelsea Levy first heard of human trafficking in 2010, after an employee from one of IJM’s Southeast Asia offices came to speak at her church. Immediately following the speaker’s visit, Chelsea enrolled in George Mason University’s Social Work program to begin the journey towards what she believes to be her call for setting the oppressed free.Years later, she volunteered for NOVA-HTI’s Crisis Response Team; two years after that, Chelsea heard about a need for case management. She works from a strengths and dignity perspective with her clients - partnering with them to cast goals for their future, both short and long term. While providing the emergency needs are important, she also feels it is her responsibility as a case manager to empower clients to learn how to make their own healthy decisions that create strong, sustainable relationships and support systems for their lives.

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