Meet Our Prayer Team!

We wanted to give you a chance to meet NOVA HTI's Prayer Team!

Steve Steinberg is our Prayer Team Leader.  He comes to NOVA HTI from the Global Freedom Alliance an international organization that networks anti-trafficking groups.  When NOVA HTI was identified as a local GFA partner in Steve's backyard he reached out.

Steve first volunteered with NOVA HTI in 2012, feeling called to intercessory prayer.  NOVA HTI had a need for a leader in the area of prayer and Steve was a perfect fit.  Steve has long felt the Lord Jesus' call to pray on behalf of those caught in modern day slavery.  For many they are nameless and faceless but Jesus knows each of them by name.  Steve has a heart and passion for prayer and knows how powerful a force intercession can be for justice.  It was Steve's passion that helped confirm Chelsey's call to prayer at NOVA HTI.

Chelsey Trevino hails from Houston Texas, where she was actively involved with anti-trafficking, specifically in intervention and prayer initiatives.  After moving to NOVA in June, Chelsey began looking for a local anti-trafficking organization where she could continue her involvement and stumbled upon NOVA HTI.  In her own words, she felt it was the "Holy Spirit typing into the search engine" when she came across NOVA HTI, an organization based in prayer.  Chelsey and Steve meet once a month to pray for the needs of those enslaved, as well as those fighting to help free these victims.

What difference has the Prayer Team seen in the anti-trafficking movement?  

According to Steve, the Prayer Team has seen some very specific, and frequent, answers to prayer.  The Prayer Team prays for those at-risk and trapped in modern day slavery as well as those who have been freed, They also pray for specific anti-trafficking groups and professionals.  Steve and Chelsey often hear that the issues for which they have been praying have been resolved.  For example they've seen the expansion of local anti trafficking resources, heard reports of individuals being rescued, and seen awareness of the anti-trafficking movement grow exponentially over the past decade.

Interested in volunteering and want to know what to expect?

 The Prayer Team currently meets once every 2-4 weeks via conference call to pray over specific prayer requests submitted by the anti-trafficking community.  The conference call is led by Steve or Chelsey and typically lasts an hour.  A volunteer can dial in and just listen and pray quietly, or actively participate.  The call is very casual and there's no pressure on the volunteers calling in.  To quote Steve, "we believe that the Lord wants us to intercede on behalf of the oppressed and wants the oppressed to have relief.  We believe that our intercession is empowered by our faith in the Lord and His goodness, and not in our fancy words or eloquent prayers."

Want to read more about Steve and Chelsey, as well as our other Team Leaders?  Check out our Team Page on our website!

How can you pray for us?

Because we are a faith-based organization, and since this post is focused on our Prayer Team, we'd like to ask each of you to keep NOVA HTI in your prayers.  Below are a few prayer requests:

  • Protection, strategic insight, and resources for our leadership team and volunteers.
  • Monetary donations for NOVA HTI, specifically to purchase rental space for storage and items for survivor needs including food, clothing, and toiletries.
  • For us to receive monthly financial support.
  • Additional volunteers; specifically for volunteers experienced with grant writing.
  • Additional church, business, and community partners.
  • To link survivors to much needed services in the area.
  • For the Pure Desire group that assists individuals with sexual addictions; prayers for their leadership team, and the men and women recovering and working through their addiction.