Summer 2014: NOVA HTI Top Three Needs

NOVA HTI Top Immediate Needs:

  • Looking for Donations- There is always an immediate need for money to help care for those who are being trafficked locally to at least survive, but more ideally, go through a recovery program.
    • This week, we are looking for 5 people to donate $100 per month for a year to help a sex trafficking survivor have a place to live with her children.
  • Mentors- We are in great need for people to commit to having a mentor relationship with a survivor of trafficking. (We will train you!)
  • Leadership in the Anti-trafficking Arena- There is SO MUCH to do in NoVA, but much of our response is limited, because we don't have enough leaders! We need leaders who can:
    • Give their time/energy/commitment
    • Plan/Brainstorm
    • Make processes/policies
    • Advocate/Network
    • Manage projects/teams

Other ways to volunteer for NOVA HTI:

  • Awareness Events- If you like public speaking, we need people who can talk about human trafficking or NoVA HTI for us at events. We also need people to man tables with info about trafficking at events.
  • Open Homes- We need people who will go through training and share a part of their home with survivors.
  • Crisis Response/Advocacy- We need people who are trained to help victims practically, driving to appointments, moving them, teaching them a skill (budgeting), tutoring them with school, etc...
  • Fundraisers- We need individuals who will use their networks/skills/interests to plan fundraisers to find financial support for caring for survivors and NoVA HTI.
  • Communications- We need more people who are able to write, use design, or social media to help get others involved in anti-trafficking locally.
  • Prevention education- We need people to leverage their influence to create opportunities in their circles and schools to empower youth with preventative human trafficking training. (Again, we have curriculum and training.)    
  • Specific Victim Needs- We get lists of needs to help survivors. We need people who are willing to be part of a network to find the items needed (diapers, food, clothing, et. al.)