Twenty Things NOVA HTI is Grateful For--November 2014

20 Reasons to Praise God this Fall

We have so much to be thankful for this year! Here are 20 reasons to praise God this Fall:

  1. The organizations that allow us to serve them
  2. All of our amazing Partners
  3. Everyone who has donated to NOVA HTI; monetarily, and with needed items for our survivors
  4. Each and every one of our incredible volunteers--we are run solely by volunteers, and would not exist without you!
  5. Specifically for those determined volunteers who've spent hours being trained to step into committed and delicate roles
  6. For those who are willing to do jobs that might not be their favorite, just because there is a need
  7. Our hard-working Leadership Team--these guys sacrifice so much, being staff without pay!
  8. Our vested Board of Directors, giving guidance, direction, and the necessary support to make this ministry exist
  9. This community, which has risen up to fight human trafficking in Northern Virginia
  10. For Kay who stepped up to be our Director this June
  11. For Kim, who stepped up to be our new Victim Services Director this year
  12. For the new team leaders who joined in 2014 helping in the areas of prayer, policy, legal advocacy, men's addiction help groups, in events and communication
  13. For this year's new additions of a Communications Team and Events Team
  14. For the awareness that has spread in the D.C. metro area thanks to the many local trainings groups have offered
  15. For the trust of service providers who work with us
  16. For the service providers who have tried to do their jobs with excellence
  17. For the active investigations, intentional law enforcement providers, and community members who have provided tips to free trafficking victims this year
  18. For the survivors who are received aftercare in 2014 in the form of housing, medical care, counseling, spiritual care, and mentoring
  19. For the individuals who have been rescued from their lives of modern slavery!
  20. For obtaining our 501(c)(3) status in weeks!

We are so grateful for all that God has done through NOVA HTI and for NOVA HTI, towards the fight against injustice and in love shown to survivors! This year has been overwhelming, and we want to honor God with our thanksgiving, who is alive and active in our organization! 

And once again, we thank you so much for being part of what we do and stand for!

Give thanks