Q & A - Teen Sex Trafficking

What is the Just Ask Prevention Project?

The "Just Ask" Prevention Project is a public awareness campaign designed to expose the growing prevalence of Teen Sex Trafficking (TST.)

Is TST really a problem in Northern Virginia? 

Yes! Trafficking is the largest growing criminal activity in the U.S., and Northern Virginia is no exception. Criminals and gang members have realized that trafficking a human not only holds less risk than drug-trafficking, but it much more profitable. Many gang-sex trafficking victims in Northern Virginia are from upper-middle class families from the suburbs.
Check out the following WJLA articles and videos for additional information about trafficking right here in Northern Virginia:

Straight-A students or teens who are involved in sports, their church, or their community aren't at risk, right?

Human trafficking does not discriminate and reaches all socio-economic classes, all races, ages and sexes. As a parent, just because your child comes home at night, or doesn't seem to get in trouble, doesn't mean that he or she isn't at risk, or isn't already being groomed, or involved with trafficking. Some trafficking victims hide what's going on so well that their parents are totally unaware of what's happening and assume that their teen is just hanging out with friends.

Click here to read a recent news story where a trafficking survivor, a 16-year old girl who was a straight-A student from an upper-middle class family in Fairfax, recounts her story of ending up being trafficked by the Crips.

How do I know what to look for? Is there anything I can do about it?

Educating yourself, your friends, and your family is the best way to start, and the best place to start is by checking out the Just Ask Prevention Project's website.

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