Thanks to the trusted relationship between mentor and client, we were told that our client’s trafficker resurfaced.  Without delay, we took steps to get her safe and out of his reach.  Law enforcement immediately opened an investigation, and hours later we were packing up our client’s belongings and moving her to a nearby shelter to ensure her safety.  She needed medical attention, so we brought her to the hospital and waited until she safely got a ride to an undisclosed shelter location. 

It was a day filled with many mixed emotions and events – from fear and joy to misadventures with cars and pets!  All told, the process to ensure the health and safety of our client started at 1:00PM one afternoon and ended at 4:30AM the next morning.  As you can imagine, the Victim Services team was exhausted, but at the same time overjoyed that they had built a trusted relationship that ended in the safety of this brave and amazing woman. 

This client is improving every day and has reported on multiple occasions how glad she is to be out of the grips of her trafficker.  We are working closely with her and law enforcement to ensure she is able to have stability and safety in her life so she can continue her schooling program to improve her life and the life of her family.