If we want to permanently stop trafficking in Northern Virginia, we need to create a world where there is no desire for humans as commodities.


As human trafficking involves the buying and selling of people, it also follows the economic principle of supply-and-demand. Traffickers supply individuals to use for labor or sex specifically because they can make a profit, as there is a demand for humans as commodities. To learn more about how this works, you can go to this link where Polaris Project explains why trafficking exists.

One of the best ways to prevent trafficking is to make strides helping reduce the demand by working with the users -  johns, buyers, or those struggling with pornography or objectify women, which are forerunners to engaging sex workers. 

In some cases, this can be by creating a type of barrier from using sex workers. This can be done through public policy to give consequences, even positive ones, like "Johns Schools," to those who illegally solicit sex.

Unlike some, NOVA HTI hopes to go beyond creating barriers and consequences, but actually considers those struggling with sex addictions to be suffering themselves and are in need of freedom from the desires that overpower them. It is not uncommon for sex traffickers themselves to be victims of sexual abuse.

Currently, NOVA HTI is working with various volunteers to create a team to help men (and hopefully, someday women) in their journey of recovery from sexual addictions which fuel a demand for those who are being sex trafficked. 

Please email volunteers@NOVAHTI.com if you are interested in being part of this team.


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