The first hurtle is creating an awareness that human    trafficking exists in Northern Virginia and it can be prevented.  

Our Communications Team runs everything from this website, to social media, to our brochures. Reaching out to the community through various forms of media, this team works to raise awareness about what's happening in this region, and how the community can get involved.

Our Events Team utilizes our networks to help create quality human trafficking events in conjunction with the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force (NVHTTF). 

We also work with the NVHTTF and one of our partner organizations, Just Ask, to bring awareness, and prevention, to the NOVA community.

Our 2nd annual justice summit is coming up friday oct. 21st - saturday oct 22nd. join us to learn more about the anti-trafficking movement here in northern virginia, and how you can get involved.

You can find out more about our Summit by clicking here.

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